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The easy way to maintain your conservatory

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Whilst many people love the idea of a conservatory, to either increase space in their home or to simply create a quiet area to relax, few people take into account the need for regular conservatory maintenance.

At least one deep clean a year is required to keep your conservatory in top condition, though if it is situated near trees, natural debris might require you to empty the guttering more often.


To ensure your guttering works as it should, you should remove all moss, leaves and twigs. Make sure you wear suitable gloves to avoid injury, as branches and other debris can be sharp. A thick pair of garden gloves should suffice.

Once debris has been cleared, simply place a hosepipe into the gutter and flush the remaining blockages out.

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning the roof of the conservatory should be the most straightforward part of conservatory maintenance. You should be perfectly safe as long as you never stand on the roof itself, and instead tackle it from the ground with an extendable brush, or by using correct access equipment.

To properly clean the roof, all you need is clean, soapy water with a soft-headed brush. A pressure washer might seem like a more effective strategy, but this can cause serious damage to the seals. Conservatories are made to withstand rain, not extreme, directed blasts of water.

When you’re done cleaning the roof, simply rinse off any excess soap or debris with a sprinkling from the hose.

Safe Access

When it comes to the best way to reach the vital places on your conservatory, you might immediately think of a ladder, or stepladder. Whilst there is nothing wrong with using a ladder (safely and correctly!) Easi-Dec can offer a much more efficient and effective solution in the form of our specially designed Conservatory Roof Access System.

Our Conservatory Roof Access System is a specifically designed two piece system for accessing conservatory roofs, or any glazed roof, for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

The horizontal access is supported across two glazing bars, and incorporates a kneeler with purpose built tool tray and bucket recess.

The vertical access section is attached with a suction cup to a suitable glazed window to prevent slippage, and also includes an adjustable foot stabiliser to suit uneven ground.

Benefits when compared to a normal ladder or stepladder include:

- Specifically designed for the job
- No need for another person to foot the ladder
- Avoids risks inherent in regular ladder work

For more information about our Conservatory Roof Access System, or any of our innovative roof access platforms, call us on 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.

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