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The Fife County Council Uses Easi-Dec Platforms

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The Fife County Council, Scotland, uses Easi-Dec access platforms instead of traditional scaffolding under their repair and maintenance programme. The council carries out improvements to tenants’ homes each year.

The Fife County Council purchased two types of our safe access patforms: Easi-Dec Painter's Mate to replace standard ladders for short term jobs and Easi-Dec access platforms to give access solutions for longer term maintenance. Both products are used on a daily basis.

Whilst the council has achieved a saving using Easi-Dec access systems instead of traditional scaffolding, the purchase was made more from a safety viewpoint.

“From initial meeting and demonstration Easi-Dec have delivered on their promises. Very happy with our purchases.” said Mr Roddy Bayne – H & S Manager at the Fife County Council.

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