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The Importance of Using Step Over Platforms

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Keeping the workplace safe should be one of your primary concerns as the leader of an organisation. 

While this is a challenging task regardless of the work environment you preside over, it is particularly difficult if your team operates in factories, process plants, or a construction site. 

This is because there is a range of different risks that you need to be made aware of and then put measures in place to minimise the chances of harm to your employees. 

One such issue that is common in these environments, as well as others, is the presence of physical obstacles, such as pipework or an unsafe drop. 

To make this obstruction safe and efficient to work around, it may be useful to use a step over platform. 

This is what you should know about the importance of step over platforms.

The Importance of Using Step Over Platforms

It lowers the chances of injury and harm

The most compelling reason to use a step over platform is to decrease the chance of serious injury or harm befalling you or your team when trying to navigate the obstacle, whatever it may be. You need to grant safe access for your personnel.

Given that these obstructions usually involve significant changes in height - such as bulky air conditioning units on your roofing, protruding cabling, pipework, or other obstructions - you may find it difficult to climb over it without taking an undue risk. 

If you have to do this daily, the risk is multiplied until the chances of an incident are highly likely.

Instead, by using industrial step platforms, you can overcome these obstacles instantly.

Step over platforms can make an environment easier to work in

Not only does a step over platform help those within your building stay safe, but they can make work easier to complete, too.

No one wants to have to clamber over a large obstruction on a daily basis, whether it is safe to do so or not. It will likely slow down your work rate considerably and leave you exhausted.

For example, if you work at a transport company and you have to complete maintenance work on an aircraft or bus, then it is not feasible to reach many parts of the vehicle without a bridge-type structure. 

By incorporating a step over platform, your employees can complete their tasks far easier, using a lot less effort while maintaining safe working procedures. This is likely to boost team morale and overall productivity as a result because your staff will feel like they are being taken proper care of. 

How does a step over platform work?

Now you have a better idea of the potential use-cases for Step Over Platforms, it is time to find out how it works.

Put simply, no two industrial step over platforms are the same because every work environment is different. 

Therefore, custom platforms are available to be built from scratch if necessary or bought off the shelf if that works best.

To ensure they are easy to assemble, a pipe step over platform doesn’t need to be welded and is built from modular aluminium fittings.

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