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The Window Company Invests in Scaffolding Alternative

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The Window Company (Contracts) has invested more than £30,000 in a new platform system which enables its window installers to work at height without the need to erect costly and time consuming scaffolding.

In the short term, the new Easi-Dec Roofline system is intended to help those customers who may have been caught out by the exclusion of scaffolding costs in the most recent update to the National Schedule of Rates, but it will be available as an option on all of the company’s multi-storey window installations in the future.

The Easi-Dec Roofline system can be installed in just 30 minutes by The Window Company (Contracts)’ own installation teams and, because it is lightweight and compact, it can be quickly and easily moved between locations.

David Thornton, Managing Director at The Window Company (Contracts), says:  “We were approached by a contractor who was looking to minimise access costs on a social housing project where scaffolding had been left off the quoted rates and, after researching the market, we were able to propose the Easi-Dec as a solution.

“It can be used to create a continuous fully-guarded platform for around a third of the cost of conventional scaffolding offering significant overall savings, so unsurprisingly the contractor has already authorised its use on the project moving forward.

“We think the system has huge potential for much of our work across the social housing sector and in schools and public buildings so we are recommending its use to other customers as well.”

The Window Company (Contracts) has purchased four full Easi-Dec Roofline systems and has already trained eight of its window installers to erect and use the platforms.  As well as the cost savings, it offers very real benefits in terms of overall efficiency because the installation team can erect the system themselves rather than having to wait for scaffolding teams to arrive on site.

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