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Tips for Skylight Fall Protection

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Skylights are a popular type of window located on the ceiling of a room, making lots of natural light stream in. While they don’t cause any danger to those living inside the building and the building owner, construction workers are at risk of falling through them when working on the roof. 

The problem often comes when workers see skylights as part of the roof. Instead, they should be seen as holes, as they are too fragile to hold a human’s weight. Due to this, proper protection, equipment, and education should be used to protect workers against these fall hazards. 

To protect workers and improve rooftop safety, here are some essential tips for skylight fall protection. 

Use Roof Light Protection 

There is always a risk of workers falling through skylights, causing serious harm. That’s where our roof light fall protection comes in. This mesh panel design protection covers the skylights without blocking out any of the light, ensuring workers don’t walk over the area. It is one of the best ways to mitigate the risk of falling through. Plus, it’s quick and easy to install. 

Use Work Access Platforms 

Instead of walking directly on the roof, work access platforms provide a safe and steady surface for workers to work on. With a sturdier and sturdier way to access the roof, workers are less likely to fall and cause injury. They are easy to install, adjustable, and don’t require excess tools to put up. 

Rolling Roof Walkway 

As well as the work access platforms, you should also install rolling roof walkways where necessary – especially if you need to cross skylights often. These walkways provide stable ground for all sorts of jobs on the roof, allowing workers to get from one place to the next without any risks. 

Install Guardrails 

Another way to prevent falling is the use of guardrail systems. These systems are a type of safety rail that is specifically designed to prevent workers from falling – whether that means falling through a skylight or off a roof edge. Use these where necessary for better protection. 

Use Personal Fall Arrest Systems 

The personal fall arrest systems include a body harness, anchorage, and connector – all of which work together to prevent fall damage. When secure on a worker, it ensures that their fall is nowhere near as harmful as if they were not wearing it. 

Proper Safety Training 

Education is just as important as any other safety measure – if not more so. Before working on the installation of skylights or working on roofs, workers must have the proper training under their belt. With that training, they will know all the correct procedures as well as how to act in case of an emergency. 

Workers falling through skylights is more common than you might think. Even if the ground seems solid, the glass is not designed to hold a human body’s weight. Use these tips to ensure your workers never put themselves at risk when working on or around skylights.

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