Top 5 benefits of using an Easi-Dec platform

If you regularly use scaffolding to work at height such as to replace windows, fascias or soffits, install solar panels or carry out general roofwork, Easi-Dec has the perfect alternative.

Our Easi-Dec platforms are fully guarded work stations designed to provide safe rapid access to roofs and facades. A standard platform has only eight basic components which are locked together by captive pins, allowing the system to be easily moved by two people.  Additionally, a 2m platform can be linked to a second platform by means of a cat-walk to give up to 10 metres safe working area and can be adjusted to cope with uneven ground.

Here are just 5 of main benefits of using a 2m Easi-Dec Access Platform

1. Cost Saving: An Easi-Dec platform will pay for itself in less than EIGHT* installs when compared to the cost of hiring scaffolding.  A further benefit is that the system will last for years. Try our online cost saving calculator to see how much you could save and how quickly you can increase your own profits without effecting your price to your customer.

2. Portable: A system can be easily transported from job to job in either a transit style van or even an estate car, giving you practical advantages over competitors who use scaffolding.  

3. Quick and easy to set up:  The access platform can be installed and ready for you to start work in less than 15 minutes, a huge time saving advantage over traditional scaffolding.  The systems can also be moved and relocated within minutes.

4. Flexible:  Independently adjustable legs means the systems can easily cope with uneven or sloping ground.

5. Compliant: An Easi-Dec platform provides a safe, compliant working environment for anyone required to work at height.

Still not convinced?  Why not contact us for a free, no obligation demonstration and see for yourself just how quick and easy our systems are to assemble and use.

*figures based on each scaffold project costing £350