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Top Accessories for Ladders

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By Soni Sheimar, General Manager, Easi-Dec Access Systems Ltds

I’ve recently been outlining some simple and effective tips for using ladders and stepladders safely.  In the first part of this Blog series I referred to accessories which should be considered to ensure optimum safety, so I thought I’d conclude this topic with an overview of some of those products.

How to Secure a Ladder

Not all ground is level so when you use a ladder on stepped or sloping ground you need to ensure the stability of the ladder.

Sloping Ground.  Devices such as the Anchor-Fix device or ladder stabilisers enable the ladder to be placed on sloping ground up to  15˚ by levelling the base to the optimum position while also providing top stability by widening the base of the ladder.

Uneven ground:  Ladder Spurs are quick and easy to use and can be attached at any height position to accommodate sloping ground.  The Spurs also increase the base of the ladder and help to reduce the chances of the ladder slipping sideways at the top. 

There will be areas where it’s not possible to place a ladder against a solid surface such as when downpipes and windows are in the way.

Obstructions:  Safety devices such as stand-offs or stays typically consist of a large ‘V’ which allows the ladder to span around the obstruction or rest on corners of buildings. The top of the ladder is kept 330 mm off the wall making it useful when working under eaves.

Completing Work Safely

According to the HSE, if you need to use a ladder or stepladder for more than 30 minutes at a time, you should consider alternative equipment.  Our Platform Ladder is the ideal alternative and allows you to complete tasks without any time restraints.  This quick and easy to use, lightweight and safe personal mini access platform is ideal for any external short duration work at heights of up to 8 metres (reach).  The Platform Ladder comprises a secure gated platform and a special detachable ladder and is both light enough to 'lift and shift' whilst still assembled.

Working safety off ladders

As explained at the beginning of this Blog, around a third of all fall from height injuries are as a result of falls from ladders.  So before you take that first step, think about what equipment you’re using, how to use it safely, and what devices could help you work more safely.

If you’re unsure of how to work safely off ladders and stepladders, or would like to discuss our range of ladder safety accessories and products, call us on 01767 691812.

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