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Void properties and what to do about them

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Hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK are unoccupied, left empty for various reasons, including financial issues which may prevent the owner from renovating the house, or it might simply be left standing until the land can be utilised for other reasons.

In 2015, it was estimated there were over 610,000 vacant properties in England alone, and 30,000 plus in Scotland.

However, empty and unprotected properties are an attractive prospect to vandals, thieves and squatters. Even if the building is due to be demolished, squatters finding their way in and refusing to leave can seriously hamper development efforts.

Despite the law being changed in 2012 to make squatting in a residential property a criminal offence, it can still be an occasional nuisance for owners, with desperation driving many to break the law.

Vandalised and damaged properties can be eyesores and draw complaints from neighbours, which can lead to intervention from the local council.

This is why many owners and developers choose to protect their properties with various measures designed to keep out those who would cause trouble. Popular measures include everything from fencing around the edge of the property, to simply reinforcing the existing locks.

Commonly, though, the unprotected windows to the property are a glaring weak point. It is very easy for a would-be squatter or vandal to smash or force open a window and make their way inside, which is why many owners opt for security screens and metal panels, placed over windows and even doors to fortify the property.

To make the installation of these panels easier and safer, Easi-Dec has designed the Panel Lifter, perfect for carrying out this type of work.

Consisting of a 3m triple ladder with clutch and folding ladder stabilisers, the Panel Lifter allows the installer to safely hoist a panel up to 50kgs, with an overall loading of 150kg on the ladder including operator, providing a smarter solution to installing protective panels on your properties whilst minimising the risk to workers.

For developers or owners who oversee many properties, the Panel Lifter could be an invaluable asset, being easy to store and ready whenever circumstance require you to void a property, allowing you to safely and quickly protect it.

If you would like to find out more about our Panel Lifter, or any of our innovative products for maintaining residential properties, give our product experts a call on 01767 691812, or use our online contact form.

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