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Where to use rooftop step-over platforms

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We recently wrote about the benefits of Step-Over Access Platforms and how they provide an ideal solution when navigating around a premise such as in plant rooms and warehouses, however, we’re noticing an increase in cases where Step-Over Access Platforms are required to solve problems on rooftops as well.

No matter how much careful planning goes into the design of the building, pipework and conduits from plant equipment such as air conditioning units can create obstructions on the roof, making movement around a roof difficult and in some cases actually preventing safe access to plant equipment.

Providing safe access to and across a roof is essential when regular maintenance is required but changes in level and obstructions from cable trays, ducting and pipework can pose a risk to those carrying out the work and increase the potential for accidents.

As with ground level problems, bespoke and off-the-shelf Step-Over platforms offer a quick and simple solution. Constructed from tube and fittings and featuring specially designed treads to provide a slip-resistance surface, the systems can be easily adapted to site specific requirements and constructed quickly.

The speed and ease of installation makes Step-Over Platforms an ideal quick-fix solution when the installation of equipment has made it difficult to navigate safely and easily around a roof, but that’s not the only benefit, here are some quick and easy solutions for common rooftop problems

Changes in level

Step-Over platforms can be designed to accommodate changes in level to provide safe access to all areas.

Pipework and ducting

Quick and safe access over obstructions

Low level obstructions

Mini Step-Over Platforms can be installed quickly over low level obstructions such as cable trays and pipework.

These are just a few examples of how Step-Over Platforms can be used to provide safe movement around a roof.  The flexibility of these systems constructed by tube and fittings means they can be constructed to virtually any configuration and installed quickly.

Call our product experts on Tel: 01767 691812 to discuss how our range of Step-Over Access Platforms can help you to provide safe access on your rooftops.

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