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Which Dec is right for you?

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Since 1985, Easi-Dec has been providing innovative and safe access solutions to the roofline level.

Our Easi-Dec system offers an alternative to the instability and inherent risk of ladders, and the long-term cost and overall difficulty of scaffolding, allowing a crew to work up to the roofline, even over bay windows or obstructions and uneven ground.

Easy to assemble and simple to store and transport, the Easi-Dec is an efficient work at height alternative, available in various designs for all types of task.

With so many options and possibilities to choose from, how do you know which is the Dec for you?

The standard solution

The 2m Easi-Dec Access Platform has been an industry favourite for over thirty years, making work up to the roof level a doddle.

The Easi-Dec is designed for regular jobs or jobs where scaffolding would be cost inhibitive, and investing in just one of our platforms can save you thousands of pounds in scaffolding costs alone.

The platform can be erected and disassembled in minutes, as shown in the video below, and is easy to store and transport in either a Transit van or estate car.

The standard dec can be raised up to 5.5m - higher with special legs - and is perfect for tasks such as facade and window work, soffit and gutter maintenance, as well as painting, plastering and general repair.

Made for: those who use scaffolding regularly.

The extended solution

If a single Easi-Dec isn’t enough to fulfill your requirements, and you need to be able to carry out work across a span of more than two metres, then you might need to combine more than one!

Two or more Easi-Dec platforms can be securely linked with a catwalk to provide a continuous, fully guarded working platform up to 8 or 10m long, which complies with the edge protection requirements set out in EN13374.

Sold with the standard leg length of 3.3-5.5mm, alternative leg lengths are also available, enabling you to cover the majority of properties, ranging from bungalows up to two-storey townhouses.

Made for: larger scale works on the front of buildings

The single worker solution

If the standard Easi-Dec platform is a little bit too much for your needs, then the Mono-Dec might be the solution for you.

At just 1.2m long, the Mono-Dec provides all the safety and efficiency benefits of the Easi-Dec for lone workers.

Ideal for painting, cleaning soffits, or repointing brickwork, the Mono-Dec is the ideal Easi-Dec alternative for single-man crews.

Made for: painters, sole traders and handymen

The solution for windows

The Easi-Dec Access Systems are a popular choice in the window installation, maintenance and repair industries thanks to their safe and efficient nature.

This is why we created the Window Dec, designed to simplify the installation of installing replacement windows, with the inclusion of a self locking pulley system able to lift windows up to 75kg, and an opening in the base to allow windows to be lifted through, safely and securely.  Once the window has passed through the hinged opening it closes to maintain the platform's integrity.

The Window Dec offers the same benefits as the rest of the Easi-Dec range, providing a  certified, fully protected work platform up to 5.5m.

Made for: window installers

Beyond the roofline

Easi-Dec is on hand when you go above the roofline too, in the form of our fragile roof and roof access products.

Our Easi-Covers are the ideal permanent solution for fragile skylights and rooflights, which are one of the leading causes of fall from height injuries and deaths in the UK.

If you don’t want to install a total permanent solution, then we also offer the Roof Walk system, a temporary walkway system which allows safe access to fragile roofs by spreading the load from eaves to ridge.

Our Valley-Walk system is a mobile walking frame for one or two persons, designed to aid access along valley gutters and provides mobile roof cover, adjustable for pitches up to 80 degrees.

And for the non-fragile hazards rife on roofs across the UK, such as cable beds, plant and sudden changes in level, we have a range of Step-Over and Access Platforms.

Whatever the job, Easi-Dec has a solution to make it simple and safe.

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