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Which of our access platforms is right for you?

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Easi-Dec was founded in 1985, and for almost thirty-five years we have been offering an innovative alternative to scaffolding in the form of our safe, rapid access platform systems. We produce a range of platforms for both roof-line and low level access, for all kinds of exterior work.

Our products have saved countless contractors and businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds against the cost of scaffolding over the years, and chances are we can do the same for you. But which platform will best suit your needs?


The original Easi-Dec Access Platform provides safe, rapid access to the roofline level and can even span obstructions such as porches and windows. The Easi-Dec platform is perfect for smaller jobs such as window, soffit and gutter maintenance and repair.

The Easi-Dec platform can be transported in a transit van or estate car, and can be assembled in a matter of minutes; it can even be lifted and moved around a building with ease, making it the perfect alternative to scaffolding.

The 2m long platform is quickly assembled on the ground and raised via telescopic legs to provide a certified, safe and stable working platform.

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Good to know: If one Easi-Dec isn’t enough, then you can always combine several to form our continuous Roofline system with the addition of the Easi-Dec Catwalk. The Roofline system provides simple, rapid access to roofline level, without the time constraints of erecting scaffolding.

The eight or ten-metre Roofline can reduce the need to regularly lift and move the platform to other areas of the exterior, saving time and effort.


If you are a one man-band who likes the look and functionality of the Easi-Dec, but can’t justify the multi-person platform, then the Mono-Dec could be for you.

The Mono-Dec is designed for a single worker to safely get up to height quickly and easily, providing a safe, stable working area ideal for painting, cleaning soffits, or re-pointing brickwork.

The Mono-Dec can be transported in an estate car and is assembled in a matter of minutes. It can then be lifted and moved around a building with ease.

Like the standard Easi-Dec, the Mono-Dec is perfectly able to cope with uneven or sloping ground, with each leg individually height adjustable in increments of 30mm.

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Good to know: similar to the Roofline system, the Trimline system can be made up of more than one Mono-Dec platform linked together with the Easi-Dec Catwalk to provide a continuous, protected work platform.

The standard Trimline System provides a 6.5m total length, comprising two Mono-Dec Platforms and the Catwalk that spans between them.

Window Dec

The Window-Dec platform is designed to make installing replacement windows quick and easy. The integrated self-locking pulley system is capable of lifting up to 75kg through an opening in the base of the platform, safely and securely.

The Window-Dec is perfect for those who regularly work with windows, both installing and maintaining, and excels at providing a certified, fully protected work platform.

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Solar Platform

Similar to the Window Dec, the Solar Platform features a pulley system as well as a rolling window bar, designed for lifting solar panels directly up to the roof with ease, as well as making solar repair and maintenance simple and safe.

The Solar Dec negates the need for scaffolding and makes accessing and maintaining solar panels effortless and realistic for the everyday.

Our Solar Platform has been specifically designed to allow safe access up to the roof for solar installation, repair and maintenance. The platform is ideal for smaller, typically thermal solar, jobs, to gain safe access up to roof level. Easy to set up, the Solar Platform can provide you with a fully guarded work platform in a matter of minutes.

The Solar Platform is perfect for smaller installation jobs, but still has a complete range of modular accessories, so you'll always have the perfect solution.

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Hopefully this guide can help you figure out which platform most suits your needs, but should you have any questions, or if want more information, feel free to get in touch via our contact form or by calling the office on 01767 691812.

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