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Why Use Roof Walk Systems Instead of Scaffolding?

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Scaffolding is tried and true bit of kit that countless construction professionals rely on every day, but is it always the best way to go when you need a lighter touch?

Scaffolding can be expensive and extremely hard to lug around, especially if you’ve got a relatively small crew and your van hasn’t got the capacity you need.

For those of you seeking a cost-effective and potentially much safer alternative to scaffolding when it comes to your roofing needs, you may want to consider the immense benefits of a reliable, sturdy, and highly portable roof walk system.


If you or the contractors in your employment are working with fragile roofs, you’ll probably be wanting to keep the damage to an absolute minimum. A scaffold isn’t always the best way to do this, especially if it requires you to penetrate the structure in order to set it up.

A roof walkway system is a safer, less damaging alternative in this regard, as it does not require an extensive set up – the whole system is easily erected and provides you with a quick way of installing a platform that grants you safe roof access.

The best roof walkway systems are completely guarded, even up to a pitch angle of 30 degrees, allowing you to relish maximum safety and benefit from fall prevention measures, such as its anti-slip walkways, while you work, an important factor when you’re working at heights of any kind.  

Rapid Deployment

For a highly portable system, look no further than an elite roof walkway platform. Traditional scaffolding can take a long time to set up, and this can be a real pain if you’re working on a time limit and you want to maximise your daylight hours at every opportunity.

When you use a roof walkway system, portability becomes easily obtainable, allowing you to save a huge amount of time in the long run. Plus, you won’t need any tools to set it up, as it comes with a minimum number of different parts.

It can be stored neatly in the back of your van too, so there is no need to panic about your system taking up too much room.

Saving Money

Whether you’re regularly working on mezzanine floors, skylights, fragile roofs, or anything up high, scaffolding can be a time-consuming and expensive addition to the job site.

If you need to carry out regular jobs like this, dependable portable roof walk systems might be the perfect alternative.

Their easy setup and immense portability prevent you from ever having to fork out for expensive and unwieldy scaffolding that takes you forever to get down.

This makes a good roof walkway an ideal short-term solution, allowing you to tackle jobs that the cost of scaffolding might otherwise prevent you from doing.

You can also link your walkway with roof catwalks if the building you’re working on is a little wider than usual or your regular staging efforts need a helping hand.

Ultimately, the best tool for the job is circumstantial, so it’s worth thinking about your specific needs first.

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