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Working Safely at Height in the Water Industry

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When you think of working at height, the water industry is probably one of the last sectors where you think this will be an issue, think again!

Work at height is any place where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury .  This doesn't necessarily mean from a ladder or a roof, it can also mean falling below ground level, or into something, which is why protecting workers 'working at height' in the water industry is important.

The industry features many hazards, wells, manholes, pits, lagoons, trenches, tanks, to name but a few.  Each time someone works near to or around one of these areas, such as unblocking wells, they are at risk of a fall. Many of our products are associated with protecting people working at height on a roof or from a ladder, however that doesn't mean that they can't be used at ground level to prevent falls into something.

Bespoke Access Platforms

Bespoke Access Platforms can be designed to specific site requirements.  Typically used to provide safe access over an obstacle or to accommodate changes in levels, access platforms can also provide a safe working platform over a hazard such as lagoons, pits and trenches.

Roof Walk

Designed originally to provide a safe working platform on fragile roofs, Roof Walk can work just as well at ground level.  Roof Walk Hatch can bridge over a fall risk such as a well whilst also providing save access to the well below through a simple hatch facility. The system features 2m high grade aluminium stagings which can be easily lifted up when access is required to the well, allowing equipment such as pumps to be lowered into it. Once work is completed, the staging is simply lowered back down to create a safe and sturdy working platform.

Safety Cover

Both our Joist Safety Matting and Loft Hatchway Safety Cover can be used at ground level, such as to protect open wells or manholes.  The Joist Safety Matting can be laid across the void to provide temporary protection for workers, while the Loft Hatchway Safety Cover can be used to provide a safe temporary cover while work is being carried out in a well or manhole.

The Easi Solution

Our products are designed to provide safe rapid access and can be easily adapted to allow work to be carried out safely at height, whatever the task or industry.  For more information on our range of safe access solutions, or to discuss a specific safety issue, call us on Tel: 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.

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