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Easi-Dec Platform Accessories

Adapt your safe access system to suit the job
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Our full range of accessories for Easi-Dec Safe Access and Solar Access Platforms, enable you to adapt your system to a broad range of work environments and scenarios.


The Easi-Dec Access and Solar Access Platforms can be adapted to a vast range of projects with a range of different leg lengths available:

  • Micro Legs: 1m - 1.4m platform height
  • Mini Legs:   1.38m - 2m platform height
  • Bungalow Legs: 2.34m - 2.9m platform height
  • 14' Legs:  2.75m - 4.15m platform height
  • 16' Legs:  3m - 4.75m platform height
  • Standard Legs: 3.3m - 5.5m platform height
  • Super Legs: 4.5m - 6.8m platform height

Dorma Kit

The Dorma Kit has proven invaluable to our customers and allows a standard Easi-Dec Platform to be converted to sit on a sloping roof.

The Dorma Kit comprises of a pair of padded dormer bars and a pair of extended dec support struts.

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Corner Kit

Corner Kits are a great addition to our accessory range enabling both the Easi-Dec Safe Access and Solar Access Systems to be implemented to provide access to large box-end gutters or can provide a continuous working platform around corners.

End Frame Support

The End Frame Support is a single-leg support which has been designed for use where restricted access inhibits the use of the legs on a standard 2m Easi-Dec platform. 

Examples of this include where there is a projecting structure such as a porch or conservatory, or where a boundary minimises the area where the platform legs would usually be implemented.

Stand-Off Kit

The Stand-Off Kit enables the Easi-Dec Platforms to be adapted in order for the to be erected for use when a building has deep soffits.

The kit comprises of a pair of 20cm Stand-Off arms which safely position the platform away from the building.

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