Installation Solutions for the Roofing Industry

Roof work is inherently dangerous, and although it is important to protect the edges of buildings, more falls actually occur through the roof than over the edge. In fact, nine people are killed each year in the UK due to falls through fragile roofs. The most common sites for fragile roof falls include factories, warehouses, and farm buildings.

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Solutions for Fragile Roofs

The only way to minimise the risk of fragile roof falls is through proper planning, and the use of correct equipment. At Easi-Dec, we design and supply a range of effective roof work safety solutions to prevent falls through fragile roofs, keeping contractors and tradesmen safe.

Roof-Walk Rolling Walkway

The Roof-Walk system is our most comprehensive fragile roof work solution. Consisting of a fully-guarded rolling platform and tracks, the Roof-Walk allows you to easily work across the roof, even up to pitches of 30 degrees. The system spreads the load across support battens, meaning there is no penetration required, ideal for fragile roofs.

The rolling walkway system is perfect for jobs such as skin maintenance, inspection, cleaning, and re-sealing.

Temporary Fragile Roof Walkway

The Board-Walk is a 2-4m long temporary walkway system, offering a safe working position from eaves to ridge, even on fragile roofs. The lightweight, aluminium design utilises support battens, and the open mesh walkway allows for a wide range of visibility and access to the roof for work. 

Suitable for both horizontal and vertical work across the roof, up to pitches of 30 degrees, the Board-Walk temporary walkway is a perfect fragile roof walkway system.

Valley Gutter Maintenance

Valley gutters can be difficult to maintain due to their unique shape, and the inherent difficulties involved in accessing them. The Valley-Walk valley gutter access system makes this maintenance simple and safe, even on fragile roofs.

The Valley-Walk is a mobile walking frame for moving along valley gutters for cleaning and maintenance. Providing roof cover for up the two workers, the Valley-Walk maximises protection whilst remaining lightweight and practical. 

Easi-Cover Rooflight Protection

Rooflights and skylights pose a risk to those working on roofs. Weather and sunlight can degrade the panels, which can lead to breakage if weight is accidentally applied.

The Easi-Cover is a component-based skylight protection system which highlights the location of rooflights, and protects workers should a trip and fall occur. The panels themselves are mesh, designed not to restrict light into the building, whilst remaining compliant with all relevant legislation. The systems can even be installed on raised legs to protect the light itself.

Easi-Cover is an effective, durable solution for protecting workers from the risks of rooflights when working at height.

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