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Easi-Cover Roof  Light Protection

Easi-Cover protection against falls through roof lights, designed for use specifically on metal profile roofs.
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Comprehensive Roof Light Fall Protection

Roof lights pose a serious risk to those carrying out work on roofs. More people fall through roofs than over the edge, so protecting against these hazards is just as vital as protecting the edge of the roof. Easi-Cover skylight protection provides an effective safety solution against risks posed by roof lights without blocking light into the building.

The hot-dip galvanised component-based, mesh panel design means the covers themselves are quick and easy to transport to the roof and install, offering a rapid, effective solution once the risk is identified.


Easi-Cover roof light protective covers are fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards, including:

  • Class B criteria and loadings required in the ACR Red Book Test for Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies, ensuring a dropped mass (45kg free falling a distance of 1.2m) is retained.  Some damage to the roof light is permitted.
  • BS EN 1873: 1200 joule test which requires a 50kg mass to be dropped 2.4m and retained and ensuring there are no gaps within the mesh greater than 300mm
Roof Light Protection
Skylight Roof Cover


Easi-Cover is designed for use on metal roofs with its modular, component-based nature allowing for configuration to your requirements. Available in standard 2m x 1m, the panels can be modified using extension panels to safely cover roof lights of multiple sizes.

The Easi-Cover itself can also be supplied in two formats, either flush against the roof light, or slightly raised on metal legs, to protect the roof light itself should a trip and fall occur.

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Easi-Cover Skylight Protection

Key Features

No Tools

Component-based design for ease of installation and maintenance

Quality Solutions

Superior durability in all weather conditions


Variable height and extendable, modular design


Can be colour coated to maximise visibility

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Additional Information

Easi-Cover should be inspected and recertified annually in accordance with BS EN 365 and BS 7883 in order to ensure the continued safety of the systems.

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