Safe Access Solutions for Housing Associations

In England alone, there are 1,500 housing associations, servicing around two million homes and over five million residents. These associations are responsible for a huge number of repair and management tasks, many of which come with inherent risk and need to be carefully planned out, and completed using the right equipment.

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A Safer Alternative to Scaffolding

The sub-contractors housing associations employ to carry out this work often use traditional solutions such as scaffolding or standard ladders. These solutions can be costly and even incorrect, putting workers at risk.

Easi-Dec provides a range of safe access solutions to housing associations across the country, making this work safe and cost-effective, and allowing these associations to continue providing affordable housing for millions nationwide.

Easi-Dec Access Platform

The Easi-Dec Access Platform offers safe, rapid access up to the roofline level for exterior work on multiple types of building. Available with a raft of optional extra configurations for use on buildings with dormer roofs, bridging over conservatories or porches, or use in areas with limited space, the Easi-Dec is a flexible, effective rapid access solution.

The lightweight, minimal-parts design means the platform can be assembled on the ground in minutes, then raised up against the building. The user benefits from a fully compliant and guarded work platform from which to safely complete their task. When work is complete, the platform is quickly disassembled and transported in either a Transit van or estate car roof rack to the next job. The Easi-Dec is a faster, more cost-efficient alternative to expensive scaffolding, especially for short term work.

For more extensive tasks, several Easi-Decs can be combined to form a working area across the entire frontage of the building. The smaller, one-man Mono-Dec is also available for single-workers.

Platform Ladder

The Easi-Dec Platform Ladder is a safer alternative to standard ladders for short-duration work up to 8 metres. Previously known as the Painter’s Mate, the Platform Ladder is ideal for smaller, regular work at height on the exterior of properties which do not require a full-size Easi-Dec. 

The system consists of a fully-guarded, compliant working platform, and a detachable ladder with a wide base to prevent slips and falls. The system is designed to be effective for work such as painting, brickwork, and other short-duration tasks up to 8m.

Hands Free Ladder

For a more standard ladder solution which retains the safety-focused ethos of the Platform Ladder, we offer the Hands Free Ladder. This system combines multiple Easi-Dec Ladder Accessories into a single, effective ladder solution which allows the user to utilise both hands during work safely.

Featuring a wider base, integrated harness attachment, and wall tie-in, the Hands Free Ladder is a fantastic solution for contractors on residential properties required to carry out dual-handed tasks, including exterior maintenance, wall insulation, wall-tie replacement, painting and decorating, and more.

Walk Thru Stairwell Access Platform

The innovative, unique Walk Thru Stairwell Access Platform makes work in staircases and stairwells safe, without restricting the use of the stairs themselves. Ideal for social and private housing, the Walk Thru is safer and more effective than traditional solutions such as boards and stepladders.

The Walk Thru can be rolled out into place above the stairs, and provides a sturdy, non-slip working area. The platform can be partially rolled back to allow the stairs to be used. Lightweight without sacrificing durability, the platform can be rolled up and carried under one arm to the next job.

Plasterers Mate Low Level Work Platform

The ideal solution for low-level interior work such as plastering and painting walls and ceilings, the Plasterer’s Mate platform minimises the risk of low-level injuries such as trips and falls from traditional solutions like stepladders.

Designed specifically to overcome the issues posed by trestles and long boards, the Plasterer’s Mate simplifies work whilst maximising safety. Similar to the Walk Thru, the Plasterer’s Mate is lightweight and easily assembled, disassembled and transported.

Loft Hatchway Safety Cover

The Loft Hatchway Safety Cover is an ingenious hatch cover for use in lofts, increasing working space and safety for loft work such as water tank and solar battery installations.

The hatchway cover is simply rolled out across the hatch itself and clamped or screwed into place, removing the risk of falls through the hatch itself. Featuring the same hollow aluminium slats as the Walk Thru, the system is sturdy and highly portable, ideal for use across a range of residential properties.

Joist Safety Matting

Similar to the Loft Hatchway Safety Cover, the Joist Safety Matting makes loft work safer by spreading the user’s weight across strong aluminium slats. The slats rest on the loft joints themselves and prevent contractors from having to put their weight on often fragile loft floors.

Designed for loft electrical and plumbing work, satellite installations, installing solar batteries, and placing insulation, the Joist Safety Matting is the perfect way to keep contractors safe during loft work.

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