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Solar Panel Work Access Platform

Designed in partnership with the solar industry for the most effective and safe solar panel installation and maintenance access solution.
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A Safer Alternative to Scaffolding

Our solar panel mobile safe access work platform has been designed in partnership with the solar industry and is part of the Easi-Dec Solar Access™ system, the most effective solution for installing and maintaining solar panels.

The Solar Access™ System makes installing and maintaining solar panels quick, safe and easy; offering a safe stable working platform up to roof level combined with certified edge protection and specialised winch and hatch, allowing panels to be lifted safely to the roof for installation.

The Solar Access™ platform, like all Easi-Dec access platforms, feature a minimal-parts, zero-tools design which allows it to be quickly assembled on the ground in minutes, then raised up to the roofline level on telescopic, independently adjustable legs.


The Solar Access™ system provides a 2m wide working space, but if you need more room to manoeuvre, the system is modular and extendable to provide a larger work area across the front of the building. Simply combine two or more mobile safe access platforms together using our Catwalk to form a limitless working platform scaffolding alternative for solar work.

The Solar Access™ system also includes a rolling window bar, strap operated legs, and a purpose-designed hoist for lifting solar panels to roof level.

Solar Install
Solar Panel Access


The Solar Access™ System solar panel installation platform can be transported in either a transit type van or on a roof rack, and can be assembled for work in minutes. Built with portability and functionality in mind, it can even be ‘lifted and shifted’ around site without needing to be disassembled.

Maintenance Protection

Our solar protection solution range doesn’t stop at installation. We also offer the innovative solar maintenance ladder, which makes ongoing maintenance of roof-fitted solar panels simple and easy. 

The solar panel maintenance ladder is rolled up the roof via soft rubber wheels, then flipped over the ridge. The ladder provides 23cm of clearance from the roof to the underside of the stile, and a secure area over the panels themselves to carry out work.

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Solar Panel Access System

Solar Access System Key Features

Cost Effective Alternative to Scaffolding


Purpose designed hoist for lifting solar panels to roof level


Height adjustable in seconds

No Tools

Minimal part, no-tools design


EN13374 Class C, EN12811-1

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Solar Panel Work Access Platform

Additional Information

The modular design of the Solar Access™ platform allows for a range of accessories, offering full control of your system. Our range of accessories means you can easily overcome an array of work at height problems. 

Whilst Standard Legs (3.3 – 5.5m) are sold as part of the system, alternative leg lengths are also available (see Techincal Specification), enabling you to cover the majority of properties. 

The Catwalk which links systems is available in both standard 4.6m and a 6.6m length, available and both are supplied with an integral handrail system and toe boards. 

Where restrictive access precludes the use of the standard Solar Access™ System, a single leg support can be used, providing an access solution where boundaries or projecting structures restrict normal platform use. The Rolling Window Bar provides a continuous platform support for load distribution.

Technical Information

Load Rating

300 kg uniformly distributed

Lifting Capactity

75 kg

System Weight

119 kg

Platform Size

2 m x 800 mm wide

Hinged Opening

1360mm x 217mm wide


H30 (6082T6) aluminium

Standard Legs

3.3m - 5.5m platform height

Super Legs

4.5m - 6.8m platform height

16' Legs

3m - 4.75m platform height

14' Legs

2.75m - 4.15m platform height

Bungalow Legs

2.34m - 2.9m platform height


EN13374 Class C, EN12811-1

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