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Step Over Access Platforms

Bespoke and off the shelf step over kits. Compliant, easy to assemble non-slip ‘bridges’ that get you over obstacles safely.
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Avoid Industrial Obstacles with Kee Step

Modern-day roofs, building sites, and industrial facilities are littered with potential trip and fall hazards. Easi-Dec supplies a range of simple but effective modular Kee Step bespoke stepover platforms to make getting from point A to point B as safe as possible. 

Kee Step creates a compliant, non-slip ‘bridge’ over obstacles such as pipework and machinery in multiple environments and on membrane, concrete, and metal roofs. Kee Step is easy to assemble, requiring no welding, and are designed in accordance with EN14122-3 for assured operation.

Ideal for traversing modern site hazards such as changes in level, pipework, and cable trays, Kee Step bespoke stepover platforms are built from modular Kee Klamp galvanised or Kee Lite aluminium fittings, and feature anti-slip treads. The modular design means Step Overs can be tailored to meet your required width and height, without sacrificing durability or safety.

Common uses for step overs include:

  • Navigating rooftop obstacles, such as changes in height, pipework, or AC units
  • Maintenance for large vehicles, including lorries, trains, and aircraft
  • Access to hard to reach areas, such as industrial shelving units in warehouses or the top of plant and machinery, like AC units or conveyor belts

Bespoke or Off the Shelf

Whatever your needs, there’s a bespoke stepover platform for you. If you require a quick solution to a common obstacle, our standard, off-the-shelf Kee Step Kit is ideal. From pipework to machinery and changes in level, the standard stepover platform can tackle almost any obstacle.

Alternatively, if you have a unique, challenging obstacle to overcome, or if you have limited available space, we can design and build a bespoke system to suit your needs.

Whether standard or bespoke, the modular nature of the Kee Step platform means they are quick to assemble and install, negating the need for welding, minimising downtime and maximising safety.

Bespoke Platform
Small Roof Step-over Platform

Mini Step Over

Have a minor obstacle such as a cable tray posing a trip hazard, but which doesn’t require a full Step Over system? Our Mini Step Overs are ideal for providing a quick, simple solution for keeping those who work on your premises safe.

Mini Kee Step stepover platforms are made from the same durable fittings as the standard Kee Step, and can also be custom-designed to suit your needs.

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Step Over Access Platform

Key Features

35 Years Experience

Bespoke or off the shelf for any scenario

Corrosion-resistant, strong and durable

No Tools

No welding required, quick and easy to install

Quality Solutions

Compliant with UK and EU safety standards

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Large Kee Step platforms suitable for obstacles ranging from 600mm-1400mm and supplied pre-assembled. Mini Step Overs suitable for obstacles 200mm-400mm in height. For bespoke designs, contact Easi-Dec to discuss your needs and arrange a survey.

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