Installation Solutions for the Window and Glazing Industry

Between 2014 and 2019, the window and glazing industry in the UK grew rapidly by almost 10%, and the market is now worth more than £2.4bn

Despite this, the installation and maintenance of windows and glass remains an inherently risky prospect, and the industry continues to be a focus for Health and Safety officials. Traders and firms within this sector are always looking out for ways to keep their installers and engineers as safe as possible, and avoid the potential financial impact of inefficient and unsafe work.

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Safe Window Installation Solutions

At Easi-Dec, we design and build window and glazing safety solutions which make this work cost-effective and, most importantly, safe.

The Easi-Dec Window and Glazing Solution

One of the riskiest parts of window and glazing work remains getting the window into place. This can be done from inside the building, but often it must be done externally, and this poses a risk when installing windows on the first floor. The most common solution is traditional scaffolding, however, this can be costly and time-consuming, or impractical for what is often short-duration work.

The Window Dec window access platform was designed specifically for the window and glazing industry. Based on our innovative Easi-Dec design, the window access platform provides a certified, fully-guarded work area with an integrated, self-locking hoist system for lifting even the heaviest windows into place.

The Window-Dec window installation system features a zero-tool, minimal-parts design, making it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. No more costly scaffolding left outside the customer’s house for weeks, simply assemble the platform on-site, lift and shift to where you need it, and disassemble when the job is done.

Safe, Cost-effective Installation

We aim to make window and glazing installation and maintenance as quick and safe as possible, saving window and glazing companies time and money. To learn more or discuss your requirements, call our experts on 01767 691812, or use our online contact form.

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